Celicia is an emerging self-taught artist with a passion in creating expressive art. Her works mostly consists of Acrylic and Oil on Canvas. She has traveled around the country contributing to the wellness community and various events inspiring creativity in others through her pop up paint party company Authentic Heartwork LLC. Her work was most recently exhibited at The World Trade Center of Dubai at their World Art Dubai showcase in 2016. She is a member of The Town Of Oyster Bay Rotational Art Exhibit Program for 3 consecutive years and has exhibited her works at Capital One Bank, Roslyn Savings Bank, The Westfield Sunrise Mall, and many many other locations in Long Island, New York consistently.

Celicia is the author of her book titled Reset, and is a recipient of the NAACP Community Recognition Award.

Here you will see a wonderful collection of 4 years of Celicia’s creative expressions inspired by color, vision, experience, belief, emotion, and even obscure thoughts. The creative process involves translating those visions and feelings to canvas and what results is a story. Her unspoken biography free to interpret, designed to excite communication, encourage imagination, and created to connect. Enjoy the journey!


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